"We are called to be bold." Joshua 1:9

Jenrette created Project 23 which calls women to share their story who struggle with mental illness or have endured some sort of tragedy in their life.

She is selecting twenty three women (ages 16+) to be photographed by her at a location sentimental to you. Her goal by doing this is to share your story as well as allowing you to feel beautiful in front of the camera! The sessions are at no cost to you, and you will receive all the digital and film images from the session.

So, today choose to be bold. Choose to share your story – for you never know who needs to hear it or who it will help. Choose to be bold and eat your lunch, or maybe being bold is having that one bite of dessert, or just getting out of bed, or maybe it’s telling a family friend or loved one what has really been going on. What ever it is, BE BOLD.


Jenrette Romberg is a fine art photographer based out of Gainesville, Georgia. She created this project to inspire others to share their stories of overcoming mental illness or a tragedy in your life. After suffering from depression and anxiety for over 16 years, she wants to help others spread their stories.

If you are interested, or would like to nominate someone, please use the form below.

jenrette romberg on beach


About 5 years ago I suffered with an eating disorder- Anorexia Nervosa. Yes, it was one of the darkest times of my life. No, I didn't know how to get better. Yes, I had to ask for help and make the next right choice for ME. Yes, I was scared to recover, and YES I was scared to share my story.

However, sharing my story is what helped me overcome this battle in my life. I have found that the battles we fight will later on help build our testimony. I was bold enough to recover, bold enough to share my story, and now I am trying to be bold by helping others.

So be bold and help her, but most of all be bold enough to help yourself!