The Hunt for the Perfect Vendors

April 18, 2018

Before Bradley and I got engaged, we talked about getting married. A lot. So much so that I started to think we were just going to skip the “engaged” part, and go from boyfriend/girlfriend to husband and wife. It was so nice though, because after we did get engaged, we both knew exactly what we wanted with a few aspects of our wedding day.

Our Photographer.

Obviously with being a photographer myself, this was the most important thing to me about our wedding – besides Bradley of course! He knew how much I wanted Shauna as our photographer, and even told me to email her about her availability this year BEFORE we were engaged! (Side note: this is also one of the first times I thought we might be getting engaged, and then got mad about later!) Shauna has been someone I’ve looked up to for over a year now, both with my photography and in my personal life. She is the most down to earth person, and is so talented with everything she does. So when she responded back with her available dates, I told Bradley – keep in mind, I still didn’t have a ring! Two weeks went by, we went up to our cabin for my birthday, and he popped the question! After my family of course, I immediately emailed Shauna with a picture of my ring saying, “GUESS WHAT?!” That happened Saturday, and our date was picked Sunday. She had one available date in the time that we wanted, so on September 29, 2018 I get to become Bradley’s wife! I’m honestly not sure how most couples pick their date. Check out Shauna’s work here.

Our Venue.

This was hard. We had an idea of what we wanted, but with our wedding being a mere 7 months out from our proposal date, a venue that matched what we wanted was hard to come by. We looked at 3 different venues in person, and I emailed about 40 total venues. Out of those 40, I’d say 10 were actually available. Why’d we only look at 3? We are picky. We knew what was a definite want in a venue, and most of those didn’t have that want – we wanted rustic, but not cowboy boot rustic. We wanted classic and elegant, but simple. I’m a pretty simple person, and we both always imagined getting married outside. I mean we spend most weekends outside camping, hunting, trail riding, or with photography. It’s just who we are! We found the perfect venue right outside of Highlands, NC called The Vineyard at 37 High Holly. It has everything we want, and we actually got to change where the ceremony would take place (because I’m picky of course!). The reception area is perfect, and Highlands has such a special place in my heart. My family has had a cabin there for over 15 years, and it’s also the place that Bradley proposed. We are both so excited that we found a venue that had everything we wanted, and it’s going to be stunning in September!

The dress, our bridal party, and more on planning an out of state wedding, next!