We’re Engaged!

Every little girl dreams of the day she will marry her Prince Charming.

I met Bradley during the fall of 2016, and from day 1 I knew he was the man I was going to marry. He proposed to me on February 23, while we were in Highlands, NC celebrating my birthday. I have waited for this moment for so long and Bradley went above and beyond to make it the perfect day. We ended the evening at my Dad’s home surrounded by our friends and family.

I still can’t believe we are engaged and getting married. I can’t wait to be a Fowler!

Here are a couple of questions (and answers!) that I know you are dying to know!

Q: Did you know it was happening that day?
A: No! We had looked at rings and had been talking about marriage for months now, but I didn’t want to get my hopes up. I had mentioned earlier in the week how a proposal that weekend would be special to me, but he played it off like it wouldn’t happen!

Q: Where was it?!
A: Years ago, Bradley build this deck for the homeowner on Whiteside Mountain. (Fun fact: the deck is made of Iron wood, which is the hardest wood in the world!) He contacted the owner and asked if we could go “take a look” at the deck and the view. He was so generous to let us go out there, and it will always remain a special spot! Whiteside Mountain is located right outside Highlands, NC.

Q: Did you cry? Did Bradley cry?
A: YES! And honestly, I don’t remember! I cried lots of happy tears and completely was in awe of what was going on, that I don’t even remember him asking! I now know that he indeed asked, and I did say yes!

Q: What’s your ring like? Let’s see it!
A: It is a round halo ring, and I am absolutely in love with it! I wanted a classic ring that wouldn’t go out of style.

Q: Did he ask your dad?
A: Yes! He always said he wanted to ask my dad and that it was important to him. The Sunday prior to the proposal, he went up to Highlands to ask for my hand.

Q: Are you excited about planning a wedding?
A: Of course! Bradley assumed I would have it all planned out, but honestly I have no clue where to begin! I have known for about a year now who I wanted my photographer to be, but that is the only thing I know! We do have a date in mind, but other than that, we don’t know anything yet!


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